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SunRise JobSeeker Support.

The SunRise SAPS Garsfontein JobSeeker Support Centre has been established in conjunction with the SAPS Garsfontein in 2013 to bring together job seekers (domestic servants & labourers) and potential employers in our community. The SunRise SAPS Garsfontein JobSeeker Support Centre is situated at the Garsfontein Police Station and there we register labourers like gardeners and domestic workers that are currently staying in the area and that are looking for employment. We obtain police clearance for applicants and then issue them with “SunRise JobSeeker Cards”.  A job seeker card is valid for 2 years and states that the holder (photo, name and ID-number is on the card) has not been involved in a crime for the past 5 years and that the person is registered at the SunRise JobSeeker Centre as a job seeker in the Garsfontein policing area.

 We would like to:

  • Compile a database of all labourer “job seekers” in the community by registering them as job seekers at the Centre located at SAPS Garsfontein Police station; and
  • Issue these registered job-seekers with “ SunRise SAPS Garsfontein JobSeeker Cards”. 
  • Assist these job seekers in finding employment in the community. 


Other services to be provided by the centre in the near future will include:

  • Publishing job seeker information on a website and making this information available to churches and organisations in the local community;
  • Assistance to job seekers in preparing their CVs;
  • Verification of  job seekers’ qualification and experience;
  • Obtaining references from previous employers;
  • Providing of basic skills training to job seekers;
  • Obtaining resource requirements from local employers;
  • Providing employers with CV’s of job seekers with the required skills, qualifications and experience;
  • Placing job seekers at employers in the community.


  In the longer term we would endeavour to:

  • Care for the children of needy workers while they are at work;
  • Provide needy workers with emergency food where required;
  • Provide clothing and basic necessities to needy people where required;
  • Arrange for temporary shelter for needy workers where required.
  • Assist in spiritual growth by doing Bible studies and supplying of books, literature, DVD's etc.